Public Events 

Stakeholder Workshop on “Past, Present, and Future of the Produce Wholesale Market Freiburg,” in cooperation with the Grossmarkt Freiburg, Freiburg, March 2023

Stakeholder Workshop on “Assessing the Sustainability of Public Canteens in the Freiburg Region,” Freiburg, December 2022

Stakeholder Workshop on “Regional Strategy towards a Sustainable Food System,” in cooperation with the Food Policy Council Freiburg, Freiburg, October 2022

Stakeholder Workshop on “Municipal Tools for the Sustainable Local Food Economy,” in cooperation with the German Cities Association, Freiburg, July 2022 – Handbook

Stakeholder Workshop on “Sustainable Food System Transitions in the Upper-Rhine Region,” in cooperation with EUCOR, online, December 2021 – Report

Stakeholder Workshop on “Current State and Vision for the Craft Brewing Economy in Arizona,” in cooperation with the AZ Craft Brewers Guild, online, November 2020

Stakeholder Workshop on “Fostering a Sustainable Local Food Economy in Tempe – the Role of the City,” online, April 2020 

Stakeholder Workshop on “Implementing Sustainable Food Forests in Arizona,” Tempe, Arizona, December 2019 – Report

Stakeholder Workshop on “Sustainable Coffee Sourcing by Coffee Businesses in Arizona,” Phoenix, Arizona, October 2019 – Report

Stakeholder Workshop on “Cooperative Business Development for Food Entrepreneurs,” Phoenix, Arizona, April 2019

Stakeholder Roundtable on “Sustainable International Coffee Supply in Arizona,” Tempe, Arizona, December 2018 – Report

Stakeholder Conference on “Growing Cooperative Businesses in Arizona,” in cooperation with the AZ Cooperative Initiative, Phoenix, Arizona, December 2018

Research Presentations (Keynotes) 

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